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Mender          Of  Hearts


Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Sam Kojoglanian is in the Top 1% of professionals in his field


Called to heal hearts and mend souls, Dr. Sam Kojoglanian – Mender of Hearts pursues to inspire his patients and community to a healthier life, filled with purpose, passion and poise. Based in Santa Clarita, CA, Dr. Sam continues to serve his communities with love, skill, compassion and honor. He has been awarded with the “Most Talented Doctor” and the doctor with the “Best Bedside Manners.”

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Client Reviews

Dr. K is a very rare person, graced with exceptional intelligence, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a passion for life and people that is unmatched. By far he is the best physician I have had the fortune to provide care for me.
— Patient
As an interventional cardiologist, he saved my mother from having open heart surgery due to his expert clinical skills.
— Patient
Dr. Kojoglanian successfully treated me for a 98% closure of the LAD in my heart. Since the procedure. three years ago, he has tracked my progress and continuously monitors my heart. He conscientiously cares about my health. He is a true healer. Thank you!
— Patient
Doctor Sam is up front and honest with his patients. Compassion and concern are his fortes. He is aggressive and thorough with his diagnoses and has no hesitation recommending another doctor when needed. I would send my friends to him with no qualms.
— Patient